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Summary: Nightingale and Lesley have a conversation. Broken Homes fix-it fic.
Notes: Yuletide fic for yellow_ferrari.

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Or, my god, is this really all I've written lately? Sigh. Also, guess what, Parents. Totally did find that Medieval History degree useful. Money well spent! Highlander, for [ profile] fuzzytale:  ) 14th Century CE RPF, for [ profile] doreyg  ) Jilly Cooper's Rutshire Chronicles, for [ profile] philomytha  ) Sarah Smith's Vanished Child series, for [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni  )
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Written for Boz, in the NYR 2010 challenge.
Summary: Out of the sandbox and into the fire.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell )
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20th Century Arts & Letters RPF
Summary: Frank and Ted's excellent adventure. 1948
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Better late than never, right? I hope you're not looking at my request and panicking quietly (although I wouldn't blame you if you were!). I love you for being brave, and for having actually read one of these books/ series. Of course--if you've read all of them, call me, 'cause you are my soulmate.

Basically--I like slash and het, and I love gen. Plot is great, characterization is great, porn is iffier--keep it to the levels the original author did, I guess, because Rupert Campbell-Black porn would be awesome and Alexander Reisden porn would be scarring, and the other two are somewhere in the middle. I love really good AUs, the kind where the characters stay true to themselves. I love hurt/ comfort (Kerrec /Valeria) and friendships (football players and showjumpers especially), and wars (Reisden and Perdita) don't really bother me but hardcore BDSM mostly makes me laugh.

The link for "Stories" will take you to my Skyehawke account if you want to read stuff I've written. I don't know, I've been doing Yuletide since the beginning and I still don't know what to write! Have fun with it, I guess. Keep in mind that everything in this letter and my requests are just suggestions. If you've got a better idea--write it.

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(and Catchallathon Person and HLH Shortcuts Person, too, for the non-specific bits!)

I love you. Seriously.

I also love: plot. Character depth. Angst. Obscure, awesome levels of detail. Happy endings.

I'm less fond of PWPs, dead animals, and schmoop.

To be more specific (and don't, at all, feel bound by this or by most of the Optional Details I gave in my request. This is for authors like me, who blank when they see the request come!) I'm pretty fond of the characters and pairings I selected. Feel free to change anything else up.

KM Peyton's Flambards: I've been in love with Mark since since I was ten. I love him because he's reckless and brave and arrogant, not despite it. I love him with Christina, because I think they complement each other beautifully. So I'd like Mark gen--maybe Mark during the war?, or Mark/ Christina if you're up for it.

Sarah Smith's Vanished Child series: Reisden is one of those characters I wish I'd written. He's a biochemist and an actor and an aristocrat and a failed spy; he's brilliant and damaged and completely stupid about people. I like Perdita, too, but I wonder if she can put him back together and keep him together.

Jilly Cooper's Rutshire Chronicles: This is totally a guilty pleasure for me. I love almost everyone, but since the timelines and locations are so different, I don't expect you to fit all the characters into one story--Jilly barely does that and her books are looong. I hated Rupert when I read Riders, but I came around by the time I finished Rivals. And Rupert/ Billy is practically canon. But I also really liked Polo, and I had a certain sympathy for poor Red, even though he was kind of a jerk. So, whatever you want to write, basically, whenever you want to set it. (Wow, how helpful!)

Emma Bull and Steven Brust's Freedom and Necessity: I am a geek, and this book was like geek porn for me. Philosophy! Letters! Magic! It's like the best parts of a Georgette Heyer romance mixed with the best parts of my expensive liberal arts ed--anyway. I love James and Susan, and Kitty and Richard, not necessarily in that order, and I'll be happy with any combination of them you like.

In conclusion, thank you for being awesome.
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It's so cold in my bedroom right now that it actually feels like Christmas. I got my Yuletide assignment today, and I think I can do this. I was a little bit worried about getting someone who wanted Lymondverse, as close to the original as possible, or one of the books I haven't read since I was twelve but signed up for anyway, on a whim--Could I really bring myself to write Brideshead Revisited slash? Thankfully I won't find out this year! But this, I think I can do. Doesn't mean I won't panic next week, but yeah.

It never occurred to me people would actually read Bellatrix/ OFC fic. I love you, HP fandom.

And now--Dear Yuletide Author--

I love you for volunteering to write fic for one of these book/ verses. I love you so much, and I have never not loved a story someone's written for me--I'm easy, really and truly! If you have an idea what you're going to write, carry on. But I know that sometimes it's terrifying just to be given a blank check, so here are some specifics (and generalities). Feel free to use them, or not. Seriously, easy.

Generally speaking, I love angsty, plotty fics rather than porny ones, with plenty of character development and a not unhappy ending. Nothing too sappy, or too melodramatic--but I'd rather everyone didn't die at the end in a fiery, apocalyptic blaze of glory, either. I'm okay with slash, gen, or het, and pretty much any kink is ok so long as it fits in the story.

Um. My favorite characters, by fandom (yes, they are all pretty boys! I am shallow):

Vanished Child series: Reisden. I've read all three of the books, and I love them all equally. I'll be happy with depressed, suicidal Reisden pre-series, or family man Reisden post-series, or very young actor/ student Reisden, or Reisden with Tasy, or Andre de Montfort--any configuration you please!

Melusine series: Felix. I've read both books, and I love both Felix and Mildmay. I'd prefer to see something in which they're together, or at least after they've met, but pre-series Felix would be okay, too. Or, actually, anything, really. Oh--incest is lovely, if it's something you're comfortable with, but if not don't worry about it!

Flambards series: Mark. I've read the books, but not seen the miniseries--but I seem to be the only person, ever, to have shipped Mark/ Christina from the beginning. So, if possible, I'd like something Mark-centric, either with Mark and Christina in/ establishing a relationship, or Mark by himself as a boy or during the war. And I have horses of my own, and do foxhunt a bit, so if this is something you're familiar with I'd love to see it feature in the story.

Amelia Peabody series: Ramses. I love the relationship between Ramses and David, and I'd love to see more of it, with them as brothers/ friends, or as lovers. I'm okay with Nefret and Lia, but not a huge fan--and I would prefer that their children not feature prominently. Action is good, WWI detail is good, Egyptology is great.

So. Um. Hopefully you feel slightly less overwhelmed. And, like I said. Easy.


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