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Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:35 pm
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From everyone, practically. Post a single sentence from each WIP you have. No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

1. He squeezes off a shot, more out of reflex than anything else, and plugs Castiel square between the eyes.

2. Cash is in bed with his cousin Eileen when his father walks in.

3. He knew, when the Locater Charm failed in the middle of a Cabinet meeting, that his son was dead.

4. Andromeda is married at midsummer, by a man wearing a bedsheet.

5. Shortly after the war ended, they passed a law prohibiting former Death Eaters from purchasing property, from running for office, and from employing wizards, house elves, goblins, and centaurs.

6. (Without Gaius Baltar, of course, there was no New Caprica.)

7. They think of themselves as decent men, they think of this as an act of war: she is a woman and she knows better.

8. And then he went into his study and closed the door, and every window and every mirror and glass and plate in the house shattered and fell in pieces on the floor.

9. She is angry with her husband, deeply and bitterly angry for things she knows are as much her fault as his, things that she will end by forgiving him, because she loves him.

10. He calls you Crawford, this old comrade-in-arms of your father’s, and he looks at you as if he meant to eat you, in the way that sometimes you have seen your father look at the woman you both pretend is your mother.

11. Two days after his birthday, John drags him to the post office to register for the draft.

12. He’s eighteen when Sam leaves for good, and he has a Colt Peacemaker his father gave him and the high school diploma Sam made him earn.


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