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Dude, House. With the SPOILER! )

Also Supernatural. Wow, there is a lot of good fic in this fandom. A lot of good, long, plotty genfic. See, I bet you thought I'd be all about the Wincest, but I'm not. The relationship between Sam and Dean rings so true to me that the incest seems, well, squicky. So rec me the good genfics, please. I'm hoping there are still some I haven't read.

And here are a few recs for you. Just my all time favorites, this time out.

Veronica Mars
Fish Out of Water, by [ profile] dark_roast, is a long post S1 story in which "Logan opts to leave Neptune, and spend summer vacation with his grandparents." It's by far the best VM fic I've read. It's so rare for VM canon/ fanon to take into account that Logan is just a seventeen-year old kid, not a forty year old alcoholic Beat poet, with a kid's perspective and problems--even with what he's been through. And also, not all of the grownups are evil/ useless. So, yeah, this made me cry a little. There's also a sequel, "Christmas in Arkham," posted in [ profile] dark_roast's lj.

[ profile] stele3 is this amazing, and prolific, writer. So if you read only one of her stories it should be The 1300 Days. "The years pre-pilot when Sam was away at college. As told from Dean's POV." Actually, this one really, really made me cry. It's beautifully written, and absolutely heartbreaking. And after you've read it, read her WIPs, too. Especially "In the Company of Demons." Or, you know, everything she's read ever.

Of Bastard Saints, by [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside, is a novel-length post S1 fic, in which the Winchesters' battle continues. I like the characterization of John and Sam very, very much, Dean's a tiny bit less so--I'm not sure even Dean Winchester is capable of surviving the things they put him through--but it's a very good read, regardless.


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