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I wrote this before Christmas, and forgot all about it. Just Elizabeth, no ships, no puns intended. :)

Title: A Pirate's Life for Me
Author: Ishafel
Rating: R
Summary: Some girls dream of being princesses, and others dream of being pirates.

A Pirate's Life for Me )
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Have come back from Nimbus full of resolution & decided to give this whole livejournal thing another shot. In honor of this: Piratefic!

Copyrighted 7/20/2003 1:25:39 PM by Ishafel. All characters/ideas property of Disney etc.
No one can keep an eye on the Queen of Hearts all of the time.


Sometimes the hand is too quick for the eye to follow. A small trick--no matter how he shuffles the cards the Queen of Hearts is always at the top of the pile and bit by bit the English Navy’s newest commodore is forgetting to care how she gets there. Captain Jack Sparrow, known villain and anonymous benefactor, has narrow, delicate hands more suited to poetry than piracy and when he deals the cards it is easy to imagine those thin fingers with their manicured nails and flashing silver rings belong to Elizabeth and not to a man at all.

Bit by bit England’s newest commodore is falling to pieces, so that it is not really a surprise when he wakes in the night and a beautiful and fragile pale body shares his bed. "Elizabeth," he says on the edge of drink and sleep, but the face that turns to him is woman’s. He does not know how this man came to be in his bed; he does not know and worse he does not care.

He cannot have Elizabeth--he will never have her. She is lost, pirate gold that will lose its luster in the hands of a blacksmith. This is the nearest he will ever come to her now--he will never kiss her now but maybe it is enough to kiss this man who knows what it is they have both lost. Bit by bit England’s newest commodore is losing sight of the Queen of Hearts.


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