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Also! SRoni wrote "Shadow of the Veil (The Wedding March Remix), which is a remix of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

This is one of the most interesting things about Remixes, I think: the vastly different ways people view canon, and how it influences the way they write characters. I have this-- shorthand version of the HP characters, I guess, that comes through in everything I write. Bellatrix's marriage was arranged by her father. Andromeda's was a way to run away from her family. Narcissa's was a love match. Sirius and Remus's relationship was doomed from the beginning. Etc. But this is all stuff I made up! It more or less fits with canon-- but so does SRoni's version (in fact, I suspect hers fits better with JKR's reality than mine). So she took what was basically a series of drabbles and fleshed them out in an entirely different direction, which is awesome.

**I totally thought I'd posted this the other night when I posted my Remix fic, but apparently not. Oops.
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Oh, Harry Potter fandom. You're like the boy we loved in high school, who could be so sweet and funny and fantastic in bed when we were alone, but was always getting drunk at parties and puking on people's shoes and saying nasty things and embarassing us in public. Why can't you fucking grow up?

Also, [ profile] fatale, nice job posting all those hustler! Dean links, because now I am totally and irrevocably hooked on Supernatural--even though I've never seen a single episode. And dude, I need another fandom like I need a hole in the head. :)

Anyone know what happened to [ profile] wheatgerm? Is she okay?

In case you live under a rock--heads up. Cassie Claire ([ profile] epicyclical) finished the Draco Trilogy. This was one of the first HP fics I read, and one of the ones I loved most, and it's bizarre to have it done. Now if only Beckett would resurface and repost Bright Be the Place of Thy Soul... Oh, HP fandom. You're so full of drama queens and awesome stories. What would I do without you?

Ten People

May. 23rd, 2006 06:15 pm
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I'm too tired to write. I think I might even be too tired to read. Must stay awake until House finale. But I love, love this meme, even though I can't remember who I stole it from this time!

Ten People (Men) I'd Do:

Ten Fictional People:
Jerott Blythe (Chronicles of Lymond)
Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
Robert Chase (House, M.D.)
Jack Bristow (Alias)
Medraut (The Winter Prince)
Ryan Atwood (The O.C.)
Oliver Slocumb (Igby Goes Down)
Mark Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Charlie Campbell (Eight Cousins)
John Taylor (Nightside)
Honorable Mention to Severus Snape (Harry Potter); Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables); Laurie (Little Women); Will Laurence (Temeraire); Lymond (Chronicles of Lymond)

Ten Historical People:
Edward I
Christopher Marlowe
Ernest Hemingway
King Arthur
Friedrich Engels
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Jim Morrison
TS Eliot
Howard Carter

Alas, my taste in men runs heavily to fuckups.

Also, because we were playing History in the van on the way home from a horse show the other night, and it's practically the same thing--pick the one man (or woman, where applicable) in each category that you would most like to sleep with:

Founding Father: Patrick Henry
President: Clinton
King of England: Edward I
Beatle: Ringo
Saint: Francis of Assissi
Explorer: Magellan
Dictator: Alexander the Great
General: Wellington
Astronaut: John Glenn
Indian Chief: Crazy Horse
Athlete: Pele
Pope: John Paul II (7 years of Catholic school, and this was one of three I could remember; the others were Urban II, because of the Crusades, and the Paul who did Vatican II, but no else one could remember the current one's popely name either.)
Writer: Hemingway
Artist: Joseph Turner
Revolutionary: Pancho Villa
Philosopher: Pascal
Feel free to add on your own categories--I know that there used to be more, but I can't think of them now.
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Gacked from [ profile] alibi_factory. Anti-war song meme: I have no idea what spawned this baby, but I like it. Since my parents were hippies, we were raised listening to Phil Ochs and Joan Baez and Dylan. Hugely uncool if you grew up in the 1980s, believe me, but it worked in my favor in Americorps.

Gulf War Song by Moxy Fruvous

I Ain't Marchin' Anymore by Phil Ochs

Universal Soldier by Donovan

Cops of the World by Phil Ochs

Noct actually a song, but still: War and Stuff by Jon Stewart

War all the Time by Thursday

I Fought in a War by Belle & Sebastian

Road to Moscow by Al Stewart

The Captain by Leonard Cohen

Not strictly an antiwar song, but one that always makes me laugh: Love Me, I'm a Liberal by Phil Ochs

I've seen three movies in the last month (four if you count the twenty minutes of The Squid and the Whale I lasted, which I don't): V for Vendetta, Lord of War, and Howl's Moving Castle. This is not meant to be a reflection of my politics; it was actually a coincidence.

Howl's Moving Castle )

Lord of War )

V for Vendetta )
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Wow, I just got the most charming review from FA. "

This ****ing sucks never ever write anything ever AGain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STUPID CRACKHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

At least this person is honest about how they really feel, even if they spelled whore wrong and had some punctuation issues.
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I'm kind of enamored by the idea of Snape/ Narcissa at the moment (even though I think Snape/ Lucius might be my OTP). Like, maybe Snape joined the Death Eaters to get closer to Narcissa, not in a creepy stalkerish way, but just because she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen and even if he couldn't be with her he could be near her.

But then she married Lucius, and Snape has always kind of admired Lucius, because he's older and pureblooded and a True Believer, without being obnoxious about it the way Bellatrix is. And suddenly life isn't worth living for Snape, and the most suicidal stupid thing he can think of doing is going and confessing to Dumbledore and being Put Out Of His Misery. And making Narcissa sorry, too. Because Narcissa is not the most dedicated of Death Eaters, so she'll secretly admire his having the courage of his convictions and Being Martyred, or something. And also when you're twenty and miserable you make bad decisions--because when you write Snape and Lucius and Narcissa--really when you write most of these characters, you have to remember just how young they are.

But somehow Dumbledore tricks Snape into swearing an Unbreakable Vow--Snape thinks it won't matter, since he's going to be Kissed anyway. But instead Dumbledore demands that Snape be a spy, and Snape has to teach Potions, even though he really loves Dark Arts, and spy and try not to get the Malfoys in trouble because even though he hates the idea of Narcissa being married to Lucius he can't bear the thought of her dying or in Azkaban.

But then he finds out Narcissa is pregnant with Draco, and that's it, Snape's last hope is dead, and he throws himself into his role, and he almost starts to believe it himself. And before he can change his mind, Shit Happens, and the war ends. And he testifies for Lucius Malfoy, feeling all kinds of magnanimous, and he teaches his classes. And it isn't much of a life, but he tells himself Dumbledore's starting to trust him, and he tells himself it's all more than he deserves, and ten more years go by.

And then, of course, Harry Potter. And Snape starts to question his allegiance, starts to wish there were Take Backs for Unbreakable Vows, but of course there aren't. And Lucius gets put in prison, and Narcissa comes to him and begs on her knees. It would have taken a better man than Snape to turn away.

And a Snape/ Narcissa soundtrack, courtesy of yousend it:

Iron & Wine, History of Lovers
The Libertines, Tell The King
Belle & Sebastian, I Fought In A War
Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
The Clash, Something About England
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(Written last night, possibly less coherent than I thought it was)
So, religion in the wizarding world? Yes or no, and if yes, which kind?

This is why I want to know )
And this is what I think )
This is how I see it all playing out )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] nattish, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [ profile] fee_absinthe!
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So I'm working on this original fic, and part of it deals with memories, and with memory, and how it changes over time. And I could really use some input, so please, if you have a moment, could you answer these questions? And pimp this madly send people this way, since the more varied the sampling I get, in terms of experience, geography, and age, the better. And I'll reward you with a drabble, HP any pairing you like, other fandoms any pairing I've written in the past.

Here are the questions. Please answer them in the comments. Feel free to post anonymously, if for whatever reason you feel more comfortable that way.

1. What is your earliest memory? How old were you? (For example , my earliest for-sure memory is of my mom reading to my brother and I. She is pregnant with my sister, who is five years younger than I am.)

2. What are the things you learned by heart, and still remember? How old were you [approximately, anyway] when you learned them?
(For example: Alphabet, numbers 1-10--3 years old; Pledge of Allegiance--4 years old; Our Father, Hail Mary--6 years old; multiplication tables--7 years old; planets--8 years old; Preamble to Constitution, US presidents in order, US states and capitals--10 years old; steps of scientific method, classification system --11 years old; countries of Europe and former USSR and capitals--12 years old; Gettyburg Address, lyrics to "A Whole New World" from Aladdin--13 years old; lyrics to most Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails songs--14 years old; "Quality of Mercy" speech from Merchant--15 years old; "To be" speech from Hamlet, cheeseburger speech from Pulp Fiction--16 years. This is probably not everything, but it's close)

3. Your age, or at least a ballpark figure? (24) Anything else I should know? Amnesia, heavy drug use, photographic memory?

4. Fandom/ pairing of drabble you'd like?
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So, I have this idea for an NC17 AU fic. It's called Prophesy, and it's set in a universe that's identical to the canonverse up until 1980 or so. And then, there's this:
(story fragments in text, author's notes in italics)

Prophesyverse i (July 1981): secrets to be told )

Prophesyverse ii (October 1981): blood on the door )

Prophesyverse iii (August 1990): game of houses )

I'm posting this because it is backstory for certain other stories I'm working on. It probably won't ever be written out completely. But you never know.

Also, can anyone come up with a reasonable explanation of wizarding genetics for me? Read more... )
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Meme gacked from [ profile] switchknife but originally posted as a comment in [ profile] wayfairer 's journal:

7 Reasons I love Harry Potter Canon:

1. Snape. And Remus, and even Draco and Hermione and Sirius. The canon characters, whom I fell in love with long before I saw the movies, or heard of fandom. But mostly Snape, and his first lecture at the beginning of PS, and Remus, on the train in PoA.

2. Prisoner of Azkaban, the first Harry Potter book I read, sick and stuck at home over spring break. That I read, approximately 27 times.

3. GirlPower. I know this isn't necessarily true for everybody, but one of my first perceptions of the wizarding world was that it seemed not to have typical boy/ girl roles. Women could be just as powerful as men, beat them at quidditch and at magic both.

4. They're children's books. That children read. But also, adults. Thus legitimizing my love for Diana Wynne Jones and Philip Pullman and Susan Cooper.

5. Hogwarts is a castle full of secret passageways and moving staircases and ghosts and tapestries. I wish I'd gone to school there.

6. The mix of funny with tragic. Like, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, they're hysterical. They sent Harry a Kleenex for Christmas. That's terrible. It's incredibly sad. I smile every time I read it.

7. No matter how much you "hate" canon, or JKR, there's a reason why we're here, wanking about this. There's a reason why we're not wanking about Sweet Valley Twins books, or the Babysitters Club, or Tamora Pierce. The Harry Potter books are popular because people love them. I love them--and I never like anything that's popular ;D
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Cross-posted to [ profile] fandom_scruples
black·list [ blák lìst ]
noun (plural black·lists)

list of disapproved people: a list of people or groups who are under suspicion or excluded from something
a credit blacklist

transitive verb (past black·list·ed, past participle black·list·ed, present participle black·list·ing, 3rd person present singular black·lists)

1. put on blacklist: to add somebody’s name to a blacklist
2. condemn: to shun or condemn somebody for behavior that breaks implicit or explicit rules

from Encarta

It's funny, because if you'd asked anyone on the blacklist whether they were in favor of giving pornography to children, they'd probably have said no. I don't think that that was anyone's goal--corrupting the youth of America. But then again, that's not really what [ profile] fandom_scruples is about, is it? It's not about ethics. It's about pointing fingers.

I had this whole rant prepared. I was going to write about The First Amendment. Censorship. The People Vs. BNFs. How everyone has the right to write whatever they want, and post it wherever they want. But then I realized that if [ profile] fandom_scruples was meant to be a legitimate attempt by the Harry Potter fandom to police the Harry Potter fandom, it wouldn't have set itself up as a witch hunt. Still, I thought, why would they call this thing a blacklist? Don't they know what a hurtful, hateful period that was for America? Why would they want to commemorate something like that? The original blacklist had nothing to do with creative content, and nothing to do with censorship. The original blacklist was about hate, pure and simple. It ruined lives.

Is this blacklist any different? It encourages fans to turn in other fans anonymously. Why anonymously, you might ask? Maybe because people who read NC17 stories but don't like them are embarassed to admit to their hypocrisy? No, that's not it at all. The reason is, so that those pointing fingers can't be flamed. It's very tidy that way. After all, you can't turn on your accusers. In fact, you can't even see the "proof" they've provided. Only the moderator can see that. They can post your lj name, and they can put you on their list, but you'd better not attempt to defend yourself. If you do that, you're definitely guilty.

I'm not, myself, a particular fan of pornography for children. On the other hand, what constitutes NC17 fic? According to

[R] Restricted-Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian : This signifies that the rating board has concluded that the film rated contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their children to see it. An R may be assigned due to, among other things, a film's use of language, theme, violence, sex or its portrayal of drug use.

[NC-17] No One 17 and Under Admitted : This signifies that the rating board believes that most American parents would feel that the film is patently adult and that children age 17 and under should not be admitted to it. The film may contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually-oriented language, or scenes of excessive violence. The NC-17 designation does not, however, signify that the rated film is obscene or pornographic.

And according to

R - Restricted
(Similar, although slightly more restrictive than, 15 in the United Kingdom)

Children under 17 should generally not read this fic, as it contains adult material. An R may be assigned due to, among other things, a fanfic's use of language, theme, violence, sex or its portrayal of drug use. While there are no restrictions on nonsexual nudity, sexual activity and nudity may be portrayed. There may be occasional strong verbal references to sexual behaviour. Violence may be strong but should ay not dwell on the infliction of pain. Scenes of sexual violence must be handled carefully. Drug taking may be shown but clear instructive and imitable detail is unacceptable. Dangerous techniques (examples include: combat, hanging, suicides) should contain no imitable detail. We recommend use of the "fade to black" technique, instead of use of action verbs, in describing otherwise-explicit sexual interactions. We may place an additional warning for strong material at the top of a submission.

These are pretty amorphous definitions. The most important factor in determining a fic's rating generally turns out to be intent. Both and FA claim to enforce their policies. If you believe a fic really doesn't fit the guidelines, it's easy enough to notify a moderator who should deal with it appropriately. There is no comprehensive guide to what can and can't go in an R rated fic, and it's probably not something the fandom needs.

I won't post the links here, but I happen to know of a couple of huge erotic stories archives that aren't password protected. One of them even contains a Harry/ Draco fic. The thing about password protection is that it's not at all effective. A child who will disregard a disclaimer and rating will probably also lie to get into a password protected site. There is no effective way to control this without asking for credit card numbers, which I think we can all agree is not an option. I have yet to read anything, on any site, that I feel would be inappropriate for a mature twelve or thirteen year-old to read. Incest? Try Flowers in the Attic. Sex? Try The O.C.. Violence? Try any movie rated PG13. Obviously every parent has to decide what is appropriate for his or her own children. If parents feel strongly enough, they will supervise their children; if they don't they won't. It may take a village to raise a child, but my children will be raised according to my standards, not yours, the MPAA's, or the village's.

I used to teach middle school; for us "Won't somebody think of the children" was a joke, not a rallying cry. Protect the children from NC17 stories they might or might not ever encounter? Or protect them from the realities? You've drawn a line; I know which side I want to be on. Please include me in your blacklist. You can find my NC17 fic at [ profile] ishafel
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I've been giving this a lot of thought since Nimbus...why is Harry/ Draco slash so popular? It's not easy to write, or at least not easy to write well; often, if it is well written it isn't particularly pleasant to read. I've said it before, but I don't see happy endings coming naturally for this ship. There's the dramatic element, which I guess inspires some people--certainly you can't build a Harry/ Draco (or Draco/ Harry) relationship without tears and blood and shouting. But you could say the same for a number of other relationships. Severus/ Sirius, anyone? Sooo, what does Harry/ Draco have, other than the obvious hotness?

For me, I guess it's Harry because Harry is the hero. It's Harry's point of view that drives the books, and the good-or-evil quotient depends on Harry's approval. Draco/ Ron, or even Draco/ Hermione, doesn't pack the same punch because, to be honest, who cares what they think? (Well, besides Harry.) I mean, for all we know Hermione's been having a secret affair with Draco since the Yule Ball. So, in order for Draco to be redeemed legitimately, he has to be redeemed in Harry's eyes.

Now, Draco--Draco I picked because I can sympathize with him. Not because my family is phenomenally wealthy, not because I've been abused, and not even because I'm a spoiled brat (although I am.) I like Draco because I'm a born loser, too. If Draco can get what he wants, there's hope for me. Draco's the kid who really wants to be friends with the popular kid and since he can't be, has settled for getting attention the only way he can. I hated prep school, too, Draco. Just hang in there!


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