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Written, with much gratitude, for [ profile] prettyarbitrary

There had been a time when the Hunter was their worst nightmare. When they dreamed of him and woke terrified, threatened their children with him, refused to speak his name after dark. That had been before. Murder had been an art, then; now it was simply a matter of loading bullets into a gun. Now killing was something any fool could do. It was good the Hunter was dead; there was no one left to fear him and he had thrived on fear. No one left to lie awake and waiting, trembling and eager in the darkness, like a hound anticipating the winding of the horn. No one but Damien.
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So can finally own up to my yuletide fic, though am not sure I want to :) I volunteered for the pairing knowing I'd probably be asked to write it, and I did try, and you know what? It didn't work out so well. I had two ideas, actually, and neither of them developed the way I meant them too. And I really liked the idea of Vryce/ Tarrant, in theory. And my yuletide gift fic was utterly gorgeous Carter/ Luka by Destina, everything I could have hoped and more, so I feel a bit guilty that I didn't do better. But now it's back to Harry Potter for me!

Title: Hunter's Moon
Rating: R
Summary: During the war new alliances were formed.
Fandom: Coldfire


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