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Thank you for writing for me! You clearly have awesome taste.

I find writing these letters horribly nervewracking,and you should feel free to stop here and write the story you wanted to write all along. But if you, like me, panic when you get your assignment, here are some ideas. Remember, they're optional-- I love all of these fandoms and will be happy to read whatever you write. I read gen, het, and slash/ femmeslash. I'm good with character exploration or plot, and I'm game for porn as long as it's in the spirit of the original work. I have a weakness for AUs that retain the canon characterization. I also have a weakness for happy (ish) endings, an inability to take BDSM seriously and a fear of dentists.


The Doctrine of Labyrinths
I'd love to see another Felix/ Murtagh scene, or Mildmay's take on the two of them, or even just Felix and Mildmay continuing to work things out.

Mercy Thompson
I'm intrigued by Leah, who married for power and didn't get it. Or Adam and Mercy, coming to Bran's for Christmas. I really like the world Patricia Briggs built, the struggling for dominance, the balancing acts.

The Raven Cycle
I think the whole Glendower thing is both crazy and crazy cool, but I really like the human aspect, too, the threads of relationships. I could go with pretty much any pairing here.

Rivers of London
The Nightingale! Thomas Nightingale being fabulous at pretty much any point in history. Ettersburg. Teaching fic with Peter and Lesley. Fusion with The Once and Future King. Fix-it fic for Broken Homes. Maybe the big twist was planned all along, and everyone knew except Peter. Purposely vague because of spoilers although hopefully you've read it!

I Drive Your Truck-- Lee Brice (music video)
This song makes me tear up, and I want a different finish! Like, maybe, they are boyfriends/ partners/ husbands, and "You" gets captured and is MIA and the Narrator thinks he's dead, but he makes it back somehow? And reunites with the Narrator and they drive around in the truck together. Or maybe the Narrator's wife and daughter have been waiting for him to get it together and he finally does, so that's why he gives up the keys? I know, it's pretty lame.

The Bolinvars
This is my out-of-left-field, no-hope nomination. It's like The Lymond Chronicles meets Gone With the Wind. I 'm pretty sure no one else has read it, ever. But on the offchance that you have, and are going to write fic, I'd like something exploring Dev and Hugo's relationship, either as cousins and friends, or as lovers. This book is an epic bromance, and I want to see that realized, but if you're not comfortable writing incest gen is great.
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